Soul of the Common Man

After 5 plus years, I have finally completed recording my second solo CD, Soul of the Common man.  I have to say, this was a huge undertaking, in a lot of ways.  I want this CD to special as a lot of the tunes hold a lot of meaning for me.   I have songs on here I have never performed, I am hoping to start incorporating some of them into my shows. The CD reflects Victorian era Irish and Irish American tunes. Songs about the Coal Miner’s, the Irish Brigade that fought in the Civil War, and the rise of the unions. Closing the CD are two of my original tunes.. Building the Railroad a tune about building the Transcontinental Railroad. Last but not least, When the Craic Was Grand. A tune about the end of the week and going to the Pub where friends become like family. The perfect song to close out this CD. The Track List is as follows:

  1. A Deal with Grim
  2. Rocky Road to Dublin
  3. 3The Highwaymen Song
  4. A Sailor’s Journey
  5. The 69th
  6. Peggy Gordon
  7. Mick McGuire
  8. The Coal Miner’s Wife
  9. Joe Hill
  10. Ghosts of Molly
  11. Crooked Jack
  12. Strawberry Beds
  13. Building the Railroad
  14. When the Craic Was Grand

I want to thank Kimberly Whallen, and Sean O’Donnell for their contributions to this CD, you guys made the CD even better!